Sinática Monitor is here!

If you are curious to know the Product I was cooking for the last months, your wait is over.

It’s called Sinática Monitor for Firebird. And it was specially created to monitor your database and discover those hard-to-find problems.

Here’s an example:
Remember that transaction that got stuck and caused a major confusion because your server became extremely slow?
Sinática Monitor detects exactly which transaction is stuck and spares you the hard work of looking for it.
Here’s another one:
Remember that customer that complains about your system becoming unbearably slow every third Saturday?
Sinática Monitor is the ideal tool to help you find out what is going on. Whether it is a slow statement or one that is not using indexes, Sinática monitor points you to the problem in a simple and easy way.

And that’s just the beginning.

Visit out new site and see screenshots of Sinática Monitor in action.

Sinática Monitor is entirely free during the Beta period.

Download now and find out what it can do for your database.

And please don’t be shy! I want to hear from you. Send me your ideas and suggestions!

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