Discount to Firebird Foundation Members

Ever since the first Sinática Monitor prototype was ready back in May, I have imagined myself announcing this promotion.

I really believe that one of the ways to a stronger Firebird Foundation is by creating opportunities for members to receive benefits from their memberships. A stronger Foundation means a stronger Firebird, and that is to everyone’s benefit.

With that spirit in mind, and with much joy, today I announce that Sinática will give a 10% discount to all members of the Firebird Foundation.

If you wish to buy Sinática Monitor, email me your name and membership number (here). I will reply with the discount coupon you can use on the Sinática Online Store.

The conditions:

  • You or your company must be a member of the Firebird Foundation
  • Your subscription payments must be up-to-date (here)
  • This discount is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offerings

In addition, there is no problem if you are not currently a member. You can join now and receive the discount in just a few days.

If you have any questions, please and I will respond immediately.

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