Discount to Sinática Monitor Beta Users

Good news to users of Sinática Monitor Beta.

You may answer this survey about your experience with Sinática Monitor Beta and get a 20% discount in case you decide to buy the commercial version.

If you’re not using Sinática Monitor yet, download it now.

Here’s how the discount works:

  • Use Sinática Monitor Beta for a few days until you’re familiar with it.
  • Answer the survey and don’t forget to register a valid email address.
  • The survey will be online starting today until 11/25/08.
  • By the end of this period I’ll send a promotional code to each participant’s email.
  • This code may then be used to get the 20% discount in the Sinática Online Store.
  • The Beta Discount will be valid until 01/25/09.

The survey has 21 questions and takes about 3 minutes to be answered.

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