Invalid BLOB ID bug in Firebird 2.1.3

EDIT Sep 21st: Sinática Monitor 2.1.03 solves the issue. You may download it now. The original bug in Firebird 2.1.3 is already fixed in CVS too.

If you’ve followed my advice and upgraded to Firebird 2.1.3 only to find you’re now getting consistent “invalid BLOB ID” messages, please update Sinática Monitor to the latest version.

There is a very specific condition that triggers this error message and it’s highly likely you won’t be affected. If you are being affected, however, please check your environment:

  • In my testing the bug only occurs when there are clients attached using charset NONE. If you change them to use a proper charset such as ASCII, ISO8859_1 or UTF8 the error message will be gone. Any charset different from NONE will do. Also make sure Sinática Monitor is not using NONE charset.
  • If you run into this error and it’s not related to charset NONE, please . Every additional information will be helpful.

A new version of Sinática Monitor is available to fix the issue.

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