Many companies choose the most expensive path to improving their databases' performance: hardware upgrades.
Sinática Monitor helps you avoid these costs by helping you eliminate bottlenecks in your application.

Hardware upgrades only work for some time. On a non-optimized database, the hardware needs are exponential. As the database grows and more users are added, other upgrades become necessary.
An optimized database, on the other hand, displays near-linear scalability.
Sinática Monitor helps you protect your hardware investments.

The Slow Statement Alarm is one of the tools Sinática Monitor offers to help you eliminate bottlenecks.

sinatica monitor slow statement alarm
Slow Statement Alarm
Whenever you decide to upgrade your server hardware, Sinática Monitor helps you answer vital questions and offers you information for a smarter upgrade:
  • What investment will bring me more performance gains?
  • Is my database limited by CPU, memory or disk subsystem?

sinatica monitor io activity chart
I/O Activity Chart

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