Sinática Monitor can help you increase your Firebird server’s performance

Eliminating Slow Statements

Identifying slow SQL statements is one of the first steps in optimizing a Firebird database. Only after they are identified, can we define what kinds of optimizations will be necessary.
Sinática Monitor makes this job easy. You just set the Slow Statements Alarm, and from then on Sinática Monitor generates an Alarm Report for each incident. This report contains the complete slow SQL statement identification, along with statistics that will help you understand why it is slow.

sinatica monitor slow firebird sql slow statement alarm
Slow Statement Alarm

Decreasing Disk I/O Usage

Another important step in optimizing your Firebird DB is decreasing how much disk I/O is used. With Sinática Monitor, you have two important tools to identify I/O consumers.
Using the Greatest I/O Consumers Chart, you watch in real-time who is consuming the largest amounts of resources from the disk subsystem – processes, users and clients. This information allows you to focus on correcting the biggest consumers and obtaining more expressive performance results in less time.

sinatica monitor firebird i/o consumers chart
I/O Consumers Chart

In addition, Sinática Monitor also tracks every SQL statements’ Table Scan Index. Ideally, statements should access tables in an indexed manner. But not every statement accesses tables in that fashion. Some execute what is called a Table Scan and consume a lot of disk I/O.
When you set the Table Scan Alarm, Sinática Monitor completely identifies these statements along with I/O statistics.

sinatica monitor firebird excess statement table scan alarm
Table Scan Alarm

Assuring Good Transaction Flow

Good transaction management is essential for Firebird’s optimal performance. When a transaction is open for a significant amount of time (days, or perhaps long hours, depending on the load) the Firebird Server starts to suffer from excess of record versions. This makes the server slower and slower until eventually it comes to a complete halt.
Sinática Monitor helps you fix this problem by identifying which transactions are open in real-time. You may also set the Stuck Transaction Alarm and be notified if any of those transactions go past a configured threshold.

sinatica monitor firebird stuck transaction alarm
Stuck Transaction Alarm

Constant Monitoring

In Sinática Monitor, you have and ally monitoring your databases at all times. Don’t wait until your customers complain about your Firebird server’s performance. Keep monitoring actively and be alerted at the first signs of difficulty.

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