What's new in Sinática Monitor 2.2

Execution Plan

Analysing the query execution plan can be a key in determining why a certain statement is performing poorly. Starting from version 2.2 Sinática Mointor displays the query execution plan whenever there is a statement-specific alarm and also on the Statements tab.

sinatica monitor alarm execution plan
Alarm displaying the query execution plan.


Send alarms via email

Alarms can now be sent via email to multiple recipients and over a secure connection. To avoid excessive email messages, Sinática Monitor groups new alarms and sends them every five minutes.

sinatica monitor email alarm
Email configuration screen.

Server Log

One other important source of information on server health is the server log. It may indicate simple issues and also serious problems. Sinática Monitor new monitors the server log and generates alarms whenever a new entry is found. You may also check the server log at any time by clicking on the "Server Log" button on the toolbar.

sinatica monitor server log screen
Server log screen.
sinatica monitor server log alarm
Server log alarm.

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