What's new in Sinática Monitor 2.1

Firebird 2.5 Support

Sinática Monitor Version 2.1 focuses primarily on Firebird 2.5 support. Although Firebird 2.5 is still in Beta, most of the new features are stable enough to develop upon.

Disconnect attachment

Attachments can now be dropped the same way you'd cancel a runaway statement. This new option is available only in Firebird 2.5 databases using the new ODS 11.2.

sinatica monitor disconnect attachment
The new Disconnect Attachment option

Memory Chart

The new Memory Chart is in the experimental stage and will work only with Firebird 2.5. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it you may have and ideas on what you'd like to see on this chart.

sinatica monitor server memory chart
Chart displaying changes in used memory over time

Layout configuration for the Charts tab

Sinática Monitor 2.1 features three new charts and a few more are coming in future versions. To make it easy for you to view information that is relevant only to your database scenario, you may now rearrange charts and choose which ones are visible.

sinatica monitor chart configuration
Charts layout configuration

Improved chart readability

Readability is improved on all charts.
  1. Charts for large periods of time (e.g. 3 hours) are smoothed to display a more consistent line pattern.
  2. Tooltips now include relevant contextual information.
  3. Line charts now include bars to display currently acquired data.

sinatica monitor optimized io chart
Improved readability on a 3h I/O Activity Chart

Pending Transactions Chart

The new Pending Transactions Chart is a more practical view of the tried-and-true Transaction Activity Chart. Instead of displaying all low-level counters, it uses the aggregate values of Transactions Awaiting GC and Transactions Awaiting Sweep to build a straightforward view of your applications' transaction management.

sinatica monitor pending transactions chart
Pending Transactions Chart

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