Features and Benefits

Real-time database monitoring

Monitor your database in real-time and find out what is happening with your Firebird server.
Observing your server's activity patterns, you can take actions to stop problems before they strike.

Identify bottlenecks in your server's disk subsystem.
Sinática Monitor has an I/O Activity Chart that distinguishes Read, Write, and Cache activities. This allows you to monitor (from anywhere anywhere and at anytime), if it is the disk subsystem that is preventing your database from functioning at peak performance.

sinatica monitor i/o activity chart
I/O Activity Chart

Verify if your application's transaction management is working properly.
Using the Transaction Activity Chart you can avoid a stuck transaction from hampering your Firebird server's performance.

sinatica monitor transaction activity chart
Transaction Activity Chart

Optimize your development. Use the Greatest I/O Consumers Chart to find out which user, process, or client consumes the most server I/O resources.
This allows you to focus your development resources on optimizing database areas that are actually going to improve performance.
sinatica monitor leading i/o consumers chart
Greatest I/O Consumers

Customizable Alarms

Sinática Monitor for Firebird constantly analyzes your database and warns you about problems. You only stop your other activities to monitor the database if you wish. Let Sinática Monitor do the hard work and alert you if something atypical happens.
With a smart and highly customizable alarm system, you will find:

Statements with large amounts of non-indexed reads.

As one of the greatest villains of I/O performance, these statements are completely identified by Sinática Monitor. You can optimize your database where it needs it the most.

sinatica monitor table scan alarm
Table Scan Alarm

Stuck transactions.
When and if this happens, you are warned with a report that fully identifies the transaction. You can then take action before such transactions start affecting other database users.

sinatica monitor stuck transaction alarm
Stuck Transaction Alarm

Slow Statements.
Sinática Monitor for Firebird detects and identifies slow statements using alarms. You no longer need to guess which statement is consuming server resources.

sinatica monitor slow statement alarm
Slow Statements Alarm

sinatica monitor attachments grid

Monitor your databases' attachments

sinatica monitor transaction grid
See open transactions in real-time

sinatica monitor statement grid
Monitor statements while they are being executed

sinatica monitor start page
Monitor several databases simultaneously

sinatica monitor chart page
Various graphic views to rapidly identify out-of-normal conditions

sinatica monitor cancel statement
It's very easy to cancel out-of-control statements.
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