Getting ready for Firebird 2.5 – MindTheBird

As Firebird approaches the final 2.5 release, a new campaign is born to help increase Firebird’s visibility and awareness.

Welcome MindTheBird!

MindTheBird! provides a messaging framework, marketing materials and guidance for Firebird end-users, journalists and even competitors. We encourage all developers and enthusiasts of Firebird to be the part of this very important campaign.

The MindTheBird campaign and website are coordinated by Dmitry Kuzmenko and provide free banners, presentations and email templates to help you spread the Firebird word.

Sinática is participating along with many other tools vendors and is offering free licenses to the most active Firebird Ambassadors.

Be a Firebird Ambassador yourself.

Talk about Firebird to that friend of yours who still relies on MySql. Send some links to that previous boss of yours that insisted you had to work exclusively with expensive databases. Organize a workshop to help your co-workers get started. Let your peers know Firebird is a truly free and mature database server alternative.

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Sinática Monitor 2.2 Beta for Firebird

A beta version of our next release is available for download.

You are welcome to test it and .

The new features include:

  • Send alarms via email
  • Retrieve plan statements
  • Alarms for server logs

The final version along with a more descriptive release notes will be made available within the next two weeks.

Please note that this is beta software. A backup of your Sinática Monitor configuration is recommended. The files are located under the {AppData}\Sinatica\Monitor folder.

Download now!

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