Who are you?

Douglas TosiMy name is Douglas Tosi. I was born in Foz do Iguaçu and I live in Curitiba, Brazil, with my wife and a cat.

The first time I touched a computer was when a family friend let me type a few keystrokes on he´s Gradiente Expert. I was 7 years old and remember being amazed. Only much later I got my own 486DX2-66. By then I already knew DBase and Clipper.

From there to the professional IT life was a snap. I used Delphi for a long time and when I met Firebird it was still called Interbase 5.1.

What is Sinática?

After twelve years working for small companies creating software for big customers I had the opportunity to start Sinática and create tools to aid other software developers like me.

That’s Sinática. We make tools for software developers. Our first product, Sinática Monitor for Firebird, has just been launched.

What is this blog?

Besides being a geek in love with all that is binary, I also enjoy cooking and drinking spresso. But I won’t bore you with my recipe of spaguetti with eggplant. In this blog I will write about Firebird, Sinática, our products and once in a while go to broader topics in the IT world.